The Clear Advantages to E-Cigarettes


Smoking tobacco is a tradition that is thousands of years old, and it has remained popular among people from all walks of life. Once restricted to being a habit for the wealthy elite, cigarettes have long since permeated the culture of countless countries and groups of people, ensuring that they remain a popular topic of conversation for years to come. More recent legislative efforts, however, have made smoking traditional cigarettes more difficult in public places, and have driven the cost of individual cigarettes to exorbitant levels. Fortunately a cleaner, more accepted and more affordable alternative to cigars and cigarettes has come on the market recently in the form of the e-cigarette, or vaporiser.


The Rise of the Vaporiser

The classic cigarette consists primarily of tobacco leaves wrapped in paper, often with a specialised filter to help control the flow of smoke. People have enjoyed smoking these for over a century, with the nicotine in each puff offering a relaxing counterpoint to the busy world at large. More recently, public health concerns have been raised regarding the effects of second-hand smoke, which has led to restrictions and bans on the use of cigarettes in public places like restaurants or bars. In addition, governments, including Australia’s, have placed steep taxes on regular cigarettes, making them difficult to afford for the average Australian.

Smokers who feel constrained by the legal system, but still want to enjoy the pleasant sensation of smoking delivered by a cigarette, have found a new alternative to traditional cigarettes—namely, electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes for short. The idea for e-cigarettes has been around since the 1960s, but recent advances in battery and computer technology have made them more feasible. Now e-cigarettes can be the same size as a regular cigarette, or they can be larger to fit your individual smoking needs.

The Rise of the Vaporiser

These digital cigarette alternatives work because they have a small heating element inside which, when active, causes heated liquids to vaporise and be released into the e-cigarette body. The e-cig is filled with a liquid solution containing nicotine, water and flavourings. This e-liquid is then vaporised by the heating element of the vaporiser, causing the liquid to boil. This boiled liquid is released as a gas containing just water vapour and nicotine, which the smoker—or ‘vaper’—can inhale and enjoy, providing the pleasure of a normal cigarette without the harmful smoke.

E-Cigarettes Offer Freedom and Convenience

Because the gas released from an e-cigarette is water vapour, rather than the smoke found in a normal cigar or cigarette, there are fewer restrictions on e-cigarette use. If you are a vaper, you will be able to use these high-quality devices in settings where traditional smoking is prohibited. This means that using a vaporiser is ideal for anyone who can’t enjoy smoking as they wish, due to legal restrictions at their places of work or leisure. You should not let concerns about legality prevent you from enjoying this habit; if you enjoy the smooth relaxation offered by nicotine, then a vaporiser can help you relax without any added legal headaches.

E-Cigarettes Offer Freedom

Added utility is just one of the advantages of the e-cigarette over its non-digital forebears. Not only can you use these devices in far more places than traditional cigarettes, but using them is also kinder to the environment—for multiple reasons. For one, traditional smoke has been cited as a hazard to the environment, potentially damaging wildlife and habitats and presenting a fire hazard from carelessly tossed cigarette butts. Furthermore, e-cigarettes are reusable and just need to be refilled with more e-liquid each time they run out. This means that there are no cigarette stubs or cigarette packs to throw away each time you use them. Using e-cigarettes helps reduce waste and preserve the environment for you, your loved ones and future generations to come.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of the vaporiser is its highly affordable cost. Since the technology is not subject to the same legal restrictions and taxes as normal cigarettes, using a vaporisers is much less expensive in the long run, compared to frequently purchasing cigarette packs from the local convenience store. In addition, because the vaporisers are reusable, the cost of refilling them is much lower than the cost of buying a comparable amount of tobacco cigarettes for your smoking enjoyment. Most vaping companies can offer you a calculator that will show you just how much you can save if you switch to e-cigarettes; you will often find that the savings are quite substantial, and can markedly improve your quality of life.


Countless Choices for Your Comfort

With the advantages of low cost, environmental friendliness and improved utility, it is no wonder that e-cigarettes have taken the country and the world by storm. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed when you buy a vaporiser from a reputable vendor with years of experience and highly trained customer service representatives. A starter kit offered by such companies will contain a vaporiser, as well as some starter cartridges or e-liquid refills that will get you on the road to enjoying the many benefits of vaping.

Modern batteries ensure that your e-cigarette will remain charged longer than ever before, and you will be amazed at the convenience of recharging the device by USB or a wall charging port. You will also be astounded by the range of e-cigarette styles available for you to peruse. You should have no difficulty finding the model that perfectly expresses who you are as an individual. Pair these vaporisers with stylish cases, accessories and premium e-liquids, and your vaping experience will be unparalleled, leading you to wonder why you hadn’t given up classic cigarettes years ago.


Switch to an e-cigarette vaporiser today and start saving time, money and the environment. You will be amazed at how much this switch will improve your life, giving you more time and energy—not to mention the relaxing pleasure that you crave to get you through the day.

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