The Benefits of Room Booking Software for SMBs


Small and medium sized businesses must by definition be nimbler when it comes to changes in the business atmosphere. It is this ability to shift when the wind changes that give them their one true advantage over a larger competitor. But having this ability to change course can also be a disadvantage if you don’t have all your key people in one room helping you to see the new direction you should take. So while many smaller companies may limit the amount of meetings they have, seeing them as counter-productive, they can be a key player in keeping your company in the game. The difference in how productive those meetings are can come down to the difference in the kind of room booking software you use and how you use it.

Software for SMBs

Not All Room Booking Software is the Same

You may be thinking right about now “How can that possibly make a difference in the effectiveness of my meetings?” But while the ability of your room booking software may not have direct impact on your decision making ability at these meetings, it can help your team assemble in a well organized manner. Having software that integrates with such important office software as Outlook can mean that your team members find out about the meeting details no matter what kind of device they happen to be on when the meeting notice is sent out.

If you have key staff who work remotely or in the field, the ability to send important documents, integrate video and allow them to RSVP immediately can help keep missed meeting dates to a minimum. Choosing cheap and unreliable room booking software will save you money at the outset but cost you in lost productivity when support documentation for a meeting must be sent in a separate email.

Software for SMBs

Planning for Success

For any business meeting to truly be successful, it must have clear cut goals set out before anyone even walks in the door. Sometimes these may entail creating charts, reports or looking up researched information that supports a plan. With the right room booking software all of this supporting documentation can be incorporated into the meeting at the touch of a keyboard. It will also tell you if everything you need to have a successful meeting is on hand in time, instead of discovering when everyone arrives that Ted forgot his documents or the copier jammed again and copies of the agenda are late for the meeting start time. With electronic delivery of all important documents, including the agenda, the meeting starts on time and progresses smoothly.

While not every small or medium sized business will take the time to investigate exactly which type of room booking software is right for them, the time spent is well worth the investment. As business becomes more competitive and large global companies take over more of the business landscape, SMBs need to find the tools to remain ahead of the pack. The software that allows them to plan for meetings, set agendas and negotiate the obstacles ahead will find they are able to level that playing field.

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