The Advantages and Disadvantages of No Tipping Restaurants


Tipping in restaurants is a culture which has been there for many years. Consumers who observe the tipping culture can use the tip calculator by calconic. The calculator helps you to calculate the amount of tip which you should leave for the server. However, there are some restaurants which are now introducing the no tipping culture in their business premises. No tipping in restaurants has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of no tipping restaurants.

Advantages of no tipping restaurants

  • Servers make a set wage

Paying your servers, a set amount of wage could have numerous benefits for your business. The servers would also have a steady income, and this can make you retain employees for a long time. Retaining employees helps you to reduce training costs because you won’t frequently be hiring new staff and in return, you will get skilled staff who offer excellent services.

  • It closes the front and back wage gap

In most cases, tips create a gap between house workers and the back of the house workers. This might be mostly seen if you run a fine dining establishment. Also closing the wage gap between your staff creates a good working relationship which leads to better customer experiences.

  • The quality of service is not always rewarded with a higher tip

Depending on your restaurant and the type of customers you have your servers might not be getting what they deserve in the tipping model. Surveys have shown that diners usually pay according to how they understand the tipping customs, annual income, their upbringing and also the person who is at the table with them. Mostly no tipping restaurants guarantee for a set income for a job which is well done.

Disadvantages of no tipping restaurants

  • Most consumers oppose no tipping

Research conducted in January by the Hart research associates shows that 82% of American consumers are against what is done to the tips by businesses after they leave it to the servers. Even if consumers became more open with this idea replacing the old custom with a new model would require time. It would also need time before the patron got used to the new pricing in menus.

  • Servers could make less money

The best servers in an established business can make a good wage. However, this can nearly be impossible in a no-tipping restaurant. No tipping restaurants can make good employees leave their job. For example, union square hospitality group did away with tipping, and in return, it lost between 30%-40% of its staff who had worked in the business for more than 5 years.

  • Servers may lose control and empowerment

Servers like to have the feeling that they can control their destinies. If they provide quality services, then they should earn more. In no tipping restaurants, they will feel like they are not in control since they are no incentives steering them forward.

Most industries are watching and waiting to see if the no tipping custom will become part of the restaurant industry or if the traditional tipping custom will stay put. Before making such a decision, you should carefully weigh the customer and employee concerns.

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