Study Tips for the SQL Server Certification


Anyone who has thought about becoming a database professional or who already is a database professional has undoubtedly thought about the numerous certifications that are required to effectively increase their competitiveness in a competitive job market. One of the more important server certifications is the SQL server certification. This can often be a challenging certification for people to obtain and therefore everyone should take a look at some of the tips below for effectively studying for this challenging exam.

First, use smaller, shorter studying sessions. The SQL server certification is filled with challenging jargon that makes it difficult to cram. Furthermore, the larger words will start to jumble together after hours upon hours of studying. Therefore, study for shorter periods of time lasting 45 minutes to an hour and then take a break. Go for a walk or eat a snack. Do something to relax the mind and take the focus off of the exam. This will ensure that when it comes time for the next study session, the mind is refreshed and ready to tackle the next section.

Next, it is important that people come up with a study schedule and stick to it. The SQL server exam crams a significant amount of material into its exam. With so much material to cover, it will be impossible to study the wide variety of topics in their entirety without sticking to a study schedule. A schedule will clearly lay out the various topics covered on the exam and ensure that no topic gets forgotten in the fray. Prior to studying for this exam, make a schedule. Then do what it takes to stick to it.

In addition, take short quizzes on the material that was just covered. A study session is only as valuable as the information that is retained at the end. It is not uncommon for someone to study an entire section and not remember what they just read. To ensure this isn’t happening, work a few practice questions after each section. Take a few minutes to see if something was actually learned. Information retention is the most important key to passing the challenging SQL exam. Make sure that any information that is reviewed is still there when it comes time for test day.

Finally, the best way for anyone to study is to practice, practice, and practice some more. People can often get overwhelmed by the conditions on test day. Therefore, it is vital that everyone takes the time to simulate the test conditions. Feel the pressure of taking a high-stakes exam under a time crunch. Learn the format of the test and brace for the types of questions that will be asked. This is as true in the SQL certification exam as it was on the SAT in high school. Practice makes perfect. Take the time to simulate test conditions.

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