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Birla Institute of technology and science Admission Test (Bitsat) is going to take an online test. This test is a university level entrance exam for various engineering courses. These engineering courses are related to computer science, Electrical and electronics, civil, Chemical, instrumentation, electronics and communication, mechanical, Manufacturing Engineering and Biotechnology. Bitstat exam is held to assess your academic performance, speed, time management and decision making ability etc.

This online entrance exam is held by Bits Pilani University. Order Valium Online Canada is generally held in the Month of may with the registration form available in february. Applicants who will pass the entrance exam and get the admission can study at one of the Bitstat Campuses situated in Dubai, Hyderabad, goa and Pilani.

Criteria for students to be eligible for Bitstat exam

  1. The students must have completed the HSC examination from a well reputed institute.
  2. The Applicants must score at least 75% aggregate in physics, mathematics and chemistry (PMC) or in Physics, chemistry and Biology (PCB). The students must also score at least 60% aggregate in all the subjects.
  3. Candidates who are appear 12th Boards examination in the year of Bitstat can apply for the examination. Students who appeared 12th Board examination a year before Bitstat exam can also apply for the examination.
  4. Students who ranked 1st in central or state level can give direct admission to the programme without giving Bitstat entrance exam.

Bitstat Exam tips for the candidates

  1. The questions ask on BItstat exams are basically from the NCERT curriculum. So study NCERT books to learn and understand concept without any doubts will make you an easy applicants for the Bitstat entrance exam. It is also noticed that most of the questions are from the NCERT curriculum and not beyond that.
  2. There are 12 Bonus questions in Bitstat entrance exam so that you can score more and more. But jump on those bonus questions only after you will complete and solve the general 150 questions. It is also better to recheck your 150 answers instead of doing the bonus questions. These bonus questions are based of physics, chemistry and mathematics 4 each.
  3. This exam also has English language subject as well. There is a section devoted to english language skill but students tends to ignore the Buy Medication Diazepam because they pay more importance to other subjects like chemistry, physics and mathematics. But the English subject is as important as the other subjects so studying the language can give you a better score also.
  4. There is also a section of logical reasoning as well. Bitstat provide this section to see your level of analytical and logical skills. The mocks can give insight so you can understand the pattern. Logical reasoning is a smaller portion of the test but you can still score higher and improve your overall ranking. Also this section needs less efforts as compare to other subjects.
  5. You can get a copy of Bitstat exam as per the relevant topics. Then you can divide all the sections according to your preferences and difficulties.

It is always good to keep strategies in exams and in this case you need a better strategy.

Online Valium Review