Role of Technology in Parenting


Technology as we all know has influenced our everyday life in many ways. Here we talk about how technology is affecting parenting in today’s world. As technology has become easily accessible to everyone including children, parents are confused about where to draw the line. Thus there is an increasing need for parenting to get evolved with the advances in technology. Awesome Gadgets for kids safety have also been launched by many Tech Companies which can be used for their protection and proper parenting.

In today’s world technology is all around us. It greatly affects the life of our children as they learn, socialize and relax with the help of technology. Television, computers, social media, smart phones etc are a few ways in which technology influences the life of children. These are intended for having positive impact on children. But like every coin has two sides, every good thing has its own share of threats. So what exactly is the role of technology in parenting? Let’s discuss about that in detail.

Technology in Parenting1

So the point of debate here is what role technology can play in effective parenting. Before the many advances in technology, parents had the responsibility of educating children about various things. Now computers and internet greatly aids our children in gaining knowledge about a wide range of things. Thus technology can greatly help in parenting.

Through social media parents around the world can connect among themselves. Sharing of knowledge and information over internet helps in getting more ideas about parenting. Common problems are discussed and better solutions are found out.

Advances in technology are equipping parents with better resources to teach their children. Internet has answers to almost everything in the world and could be utilized by parents to help children in their studies. Solution for home works to career guidance options can be accessed from Internet. Thus technology takes parenting to an advanced level.

Technology in Parenting

With smart phones, keeping note of various events and scheduling tasks, related to academics of children are easier than before. More effective means of communication is possible to keep a track of children’s academic performance. There are schools that provide you with interactive performance records for your children. You can get inputs regarding proper parenting measures from those.

So far we have discussed about the various positive impacts technology can have on parenting. But there are also ways in which technology makes parenting a difficult task. Today children are exposed to a large lot of things over the internet. Internet has lot of things which can misguide children. So parents should be careful in keeping children away from the inappropriate contents in Internet. This is a new challenge in parenting because of the advances in technology.

The presence of social media in today’s world is so wide that no one can escape from it. Not even children. Proper parental guidance is very essential so that children don’t fall prey to the evils of Internet and Social media. In spite of these challenges, still the advance of technology is really empowering parents with better resources to guide children in the right way. So for responsible parenting, take the best things of technology and keep the unwanted things at bay.


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