Reviewing Windows 10 Professional: Activation, Features And More!

Microsoft launched three basic editions of Windows 10 – Home, Pro (Professional), and Pro for Workstations. Many users have their confusions if they should go with Windows 10 Home or must go for the better Pro version. In this post, we are discussing more on Windows 10 Professional and why you might to consider this as an option.

The basics

First and foremost, you need to understand that Windows 10 Professional is designed for business needs. It is targeted towards super users and small businesses, which is why the version offers more in terms of Security, Fundamentals, Management and Deployment, and Windows Updates. To be fair, on the surface and as far as desktop experience is concerned, the Home and Pro versions feel the same.

However, you get a bunch of extra features, as well. For example, you get Remote Desktop Connections for both Home and Pro versions, but with the Pro versions, you can actually get the system controlled remotely. Windows 10 Professional also packs in other security features, such as Client Hyper-V feature and BitLocker. BitLocker allows further encryption of work, while Client Hyper-V feature allows using different OS on the same computer. You also get Windows store for Business, features like Group Policy Management and Assigned Access, and a special Update center targeted towards businesses.

How to activate Windows 10 Pro?

You need a Windows 10 Pro Key for that. Product keys are a standard feature of Microsoft and allow legal access to full version of the OS. In case of Windows 10 Pro, you have to get the key from Microsoft store. Install and download the Pro version of Windows 10 on your system and check the settings section, where you will find the choice of “Activation”. Note that downloading and activating Windows 10 requires a stable internet connection. The key is required only once and you will get all future updates from Microsoft for free.

Final word

Windows 10 Pro is a better version compared to Home, especially for security and additional features, but whether or not you should pay for it depends on several factors. Consider what you want to do with Windows 10 and if you are going to need extra features and security elements. Also, for those who want to just enjoy the experience that the new OS offers, the Home version is more than enough for sure. Check online now to download and use Windows 10 Pro.

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