Recycling old tech

If you own a large business in the Houston area that requires a lot of computers in order to keep operating. You will eventually need to upgrade them, just to keep up with work load. But, what do you do with all of your old tech? You cannot simply just throw it all away, many states have guide lines when it comes with throwing away tech, many components can be toxic and harm the environment. So, your only real option is recycling it. Now you could take all of it to a recycling plant that accepts this or you can hire a company to come out to handle your e waste recycling.

Raki electronic recycling has been providing this service for many years and you could not find a better business to handle that job. Brandishing all of the required permits and required credentials to handle this type of work.

What they do, is come by your place of business and haul away all your old tech. When it comes to this type of work there really isn’t any flat rate. Raki provides free estimates on what you it will cost to get the job done. One thing that they offer that you won’t see at many other e waste recycling companies, is a check back. All electronics taken by them, will be stripped for precious metals and will pass along that money back to the client. Mainly to help curb the price of buying new hardware.

This isn’t the only service that they offer to their clients. If you have a large data base and need to get rid of all sensitive data, they can help with that as well. Offering multiple ways of handling the job at a flat rate as well.

There are two way that the job can be done. Either by physical and non-physical. What the means is if you desire to keep the hard drives. You can pay around twelve dollars a drive and have all data stored erased, keeping the hard drive for further use. Now the cheaper method is to straight up destroy the hard drive itself, making it impossible to retrieve any of the stored data. That option can run around seven dollars per hard drive. Which afterwards Raki can dispose of it as well, leaving you no clean up. Now if you have a large job to complete, you can receive discount for the bulk work load.

Year after year, technology changes and grows. With it a lot of old tech just stay laying around, collecting dust and taking up space. Recycling is the only option if you wish to get rid of all of it and with Raki can help you reduce this issue. While also giving you a return on it as well. They can also handle all of your data destruction needs as well. So, if you find yourself with an abundance of old tech and are in the Houston area, give raki a call and see what they can do for you.

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