Quick review of the pros and cons of laser printers!


If you check online for office printers, the number of choices would surprise you. Every office needs a printer, and while the budget is one of the important factors, there are other things to take note. In this post, we will take a close look at laser printers and relative pros and cons.

Using a laser printer

An inkjet printer usually uses ink, which is fired on the paper in form of tiny droplets. A laser printer, on the other hand, works more like a photocopier machine. Instead of ink, it uses a toner powder. Typically, laser printers are more expensive and are ideal for large volume printing. The working dynamics of a laser printer is also different and involves a long process that uses a glass copier window.

What are the pros?

  1. First and foremost, laser printers print faster than inkjet variants. Most of the new models can print 40 pages or more in a minute. If your office work requires frequent printing, this kind of printer is always a better choice.
  2. Laser printers are useful in printing clear documents in bulk. There are usually no smears or other concerns related to text while printing with such printers. The documents can be used immediately, unlike documents printed with inkjet printers.
  3. If you compare the cost of printing per page with inkjet printers, laser ones are definitely more effective and economical. Once toner cartridge can print thousands of documents within a month, which is a big advantage for big offices.

Not to forget, laser printers last much longer, and many brands even offer the choice of extending the warranty. Repairs not have to be frequent, and if you shop for stores like 123ink.ca, you can get offers on most models, which can minimize the upfront costs too. If you are looking for a printer that works like a sturdy machine for years, this is the one to go for.

On the flip side

Laser printers are not ideal for printing photos and images. For that, you may have to rely on an inkjet printer. Secondly, the cost of owning the printer is much higher. Laser printers are powerful, and typically, the better models tend to cost more.

If you need a workhorse printer that can print hundreds of pages each day, laser printers should certainly suffice your needs. Just check the cost of toner cartridges and consider the reviews of the model before taking the final call on this.

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