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Malware is malicious software and is usually installed on a website by hackers who find weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the website’s code. Malware does many things including spreading viruses, stealing personal and financial data, and even taking over computers.

The global leader in website security, SiteLock, performs website scanning for over 8 million client websites each day, detecting and stopping any malware or malicious attacks before they even start.

Past clients write in Order Valium Online Canada that SiteLock is professional and efficient, offering expert solutions quickly while ensuring client websites remain secure and remediating any sites that experience malware or have vulnerabilities in their coding.

360° Website Malware & Vulnerability Scanning

SiteLock’s 360° Website Malware and vulnerability scanning service is the most accurate, comprehensive security scanning technology available. It goes beyond the surface to review all files and access points to ensure that nothing is missed.

Reliability you can Trust

The Verifiable Trust Seal can be displayed on your website once SiteLock completes the scanning and repairs any issues. Showing this badge shows your customers that your site is verified to be safe by the leader in website security.

Compatible With All Hosting

Cloud-based 360-degree scanning technology can be activated the moment you register your domain with SiteLock. There is no downtime with installations or the need to install expensive hardware. It’s a quick simple process

Validation of your Business

By verifying your business contact information including email, phone number and address you give your customers the confidence that they can reach you should anything be of concern.

Reputation Management

The daily scanning protects your site from malware which in turn protects your online business from being blacklisted by search engines and email lists. You can be assured your communications reach your client’s inboxes and don’t get caught in their anti-virus software or spam filters.

360° Website Malware & Vulnerability Scanning features:

▪    Connects over FTP or SFTP

▪    Identification of new and suspicious malware

▪    Advanced vulnerability scanning to detect XSS, SQLi and more

▪    Connects on a daily basis

▪    Uses up to three simultaneous connections for efficiency

▪    Customize max time-out allowed per day

▪    Exclude files to be scanned by file type, or have scans omit specific files and directories

▪    Operates through the firewall

▪    Customize which ports to connect on

▪    Customize how and where the scan takes place

▪    Differential reporting regarding past vs. present

▪    Supports cloud infrastructure/technology

▪    Reports suspicious files

Daily Scanning, Application Scanning, and Network Scanning

Using the above protocols, SiteLock scans your website continuously, removing and repairing any malware or site vulnerabilities before it has a chance to cause any damage to your website, your clients or your reputation.

Often it is outdated applications that hackers use to gain access to your site, SiteLock scans all applications and verifies their security features are up to date and free from vulnerabilities. The network scan checks all network connections and ensures that nothing malicious can gain access.

With SiteLock you can be confident your website, online reputation and the personal and financial data of your clients, business and employees are safe and secure from malicious attacks.

Purchasing Valium Online