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Learn About Local Search Engine Optimization through a San Diego SEO Blog

Local SEO is an effective way to promote your local business online, and it will give you the ability to reach a wide array of people from your county, city or state. At the same time, it will help businesses promote their services and products to local customers, which is a great way to reach a wider audience than before.

It is similar to traditional search engine optimization, but apart from using related techniques, you will have to implement various methods that are different fromthe standard use of SEO. At first, you should understand the differences between local search and standard informational search.

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Why Is Local SEO Vital For Your Small Business?

It does not matter where you live across the globe because,withproper authority and SEO, you will be able to rank with ease. However, when someone searches for instance service for blocked drain, the intention is to find the closest service available especially if the problem is persistent and urgent.

As soon as someone enters a similar query, they will notice that search results will include a location or near me sign. Since search engines got the point where they understand what searchers want to achieve, they will provide you witha list of suggestions based on the current location.

What Are Local SERP?

Local businesses want to improve traffic to their websites, and the best way to do it is to create a local SEO that will allow people from their city to reach them as soon as possible. You will notice that these results are different than standard ones, and you will be able to see their location, photos,and ratings as well.

Even though Google is using smart algorithms that will help you reach relevant information, the idea is that person who searches some product or service find the closest choice available based on Google Maps and their location.

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My Business

This particular type of service that Google presents is known as Google Local or Google My Business, and similarly, as the name suggests, the idea is to register your profile on Google, so that you can reach people that are close to you.

It will provide you information of local areas as well as a variety of places so that search engine could combine efforts with maps so that you can reach the appropriate results. The idea is to create a GMB profile and include information that would be relevant to potential customers such as business description, contact details, services that you offer, category, and opening times.

It is also important to add features such as attributes, reviews, and Q&A, which will provide your potential customers with the idea of what you wish to achieve.

The great way of boosting your local SEO is creating GMB profile as accurate and up-to-date as possible because that way you will have higher chances of appearing in the pack of local services that are attractive and trustworthy.

What Are Citations?

The citation is the place of your business such as phone number, address, name and website URL, which are information that will be transparent and appear online, through a business listing website and online directory.

This is one of the most critical parts for local SEO, especially if you do not want to appear in places when people are looking for some other service outside of your industry. Therefore, you have to compete with similar local services, which will allow the user to find you without any additional problem.

We can differentiate two types of citations:

  • Structured Citations – They appear in business listings and come from form fields when someone claims the listing.
  • Unstructured Citations – These are results of social media and press, where the information you place is visible and connected to your website, but not in the appropriate format as before.

It is crucial to get citations for your local business because those way potential customers will know why they should choose you instead of others.

While the key is to be found, we recommend you to choose relevant websites that will provide you citations. However, you have to update and clean them up regularly, and if you neglect that particular type, it can cause severe issues and consequences to your business.

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How to Rank Well In Local Search?

Now, you understand what local search engine optimization is, but it is also vital to achieving this particular success, which is why you should familiarize yourself with three elements:

  • Proximity – This element will tell your potential customer how close your business is to him. Some services, such as fast food or services that require urgency,  will be more relevant to a potential customer if they are closer to them that far away. That way, you will be able to reach broader customer base from your locality.
  • Relevance – This is another element that is important for a search query, and it will allow your potential customer to see what are your services and products so that he/she can decide whether to visit you or not/.
  • Prominence – This particular element will present to potential customers what other people have told about your business, services, and

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