iPiccy – Design Your Facebook Cover Photo Like a Pro


iPiccy – Professional Photo Design App for Facebook That Works for Everyone

It’s finally a lot of fun to create rich and sophisticated Facebook covers that include numerous layers and effect. Why? Because it’s simple to make an online cover photo.

Not everyone’s a designer

If you are not a professional Photoshopper and here’s a newsflash: 99.9% of the Earth’s population is just like you. Few people have the skills professional graphics and image-based software requires. Even less have the time for it.

How many pixels should the width of the cover be and what does that mean? What’s the perfect resolution or format? Jpeg or JPG? There are billions of questions like that!

That’s exactly why countless web applications are created on a daily basis to assist us with our social media efforts. Some of them are worth than others. Some apps end ups with poor resolution quality, others end up with lackluster features and a buggy interface.  Some apps are 100% while others are either premium or hide the juiciest parts after price tags.

And then there’s iPiccy. The app is simple, intuitive, feature rich and free. It’s like a Christmas in July for us, Facebook lovers.

How does it work?

The first steps are as breathing. Hit the big orange button that’s calling out for you to start. Then choose any of the options you feel like doing right now:


  • You can upload a photo and work with it;
  • You can create a collage from series of photos;
  • And you can even create a design – this feature will pop a simple and intuitive editor that will allow you to create the cover photo from scratch;
  • And you can even use your cam for a quick shot of the gorgeous person you are to edit in some layers.

Yes, that’s all you need to know in terms of functionality and the interface. Immense power hides within several clicks.

It’s not just about Facebook

When was the last time you’ve enjoyed the look of one of those Instagram filters? Aren’t all of them so boring they are already a cheap cliché, not a jaw-dropping innovation they used to be?

This is yet another domain iPiccy can rock at. The app will ensure a fresh and crispy look on all of your photos. All it takes is a couple of minutes of clicking and your creativity. You are overfilled with it.

Twitter is OK with the best of your photos as well as are Pinterest and numerous blogs and vlogs that demand rich snippets. You won’t have to worry about any of them from now on.

After all, why bother if the full might of Photoshop is within your grasp and without all of the minuses like:

  • iPikky won’t eat up all of your RAM;
  • The app wont glitch out on you and it won’t freeze;
  • It doesn’t require any professional skills as the interface is simple and intuitive.

With features at http://ipiccy.com/feature/free-graphic-design-software that sounds like a dream come true!

In today’s world you don’t need any designing skills or sophisticated photo design software to ensure that your Facebook cover is unforgettable!

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