Identity Theft Protection Tips while on vacation


Travelling itself is quite troublesome as you are always in a mental agony as to whether your flight would be on time or whether you would be able to catch the train overcoming the traffic road hazards. Amid all these you would simply not want to add another in the list particularly if it happens to be your stolen identity which can spoil a lot of things for you in a short time. So, here’s look at a few simple tips to stay at bay from identity theft while on vacation or while on any business trip for that matter.

Pay In Cash: Use cash while eating out in restaurants or having a drink at the bar. It may sound really back-dated in this age but it doesn’t take a herculean effort for the bar tender to note down all the information on your credit or debit card in an opportune moment if he desires so. What it would mean is that he can then use his card to his absolute advantage without you even being aware of it. Thus, you become a victim of identity theft.

Protect your ATM PIN smartly and intelligently during transaction: While withdrawing cash from ATM make sure you cover all ends up before entering your pin number so that your personal information remains absolutely personal and safe. Make every possible effort to ensure that when you enter the pin no body waiting in the wings has any clear view of it. So get prepared like that and adjust accordingly.

Maintain hotel safety: While leaving your hotel of stay make it certain that you don’t forget to carry back any significant things such as passports, credit cards, ATM cards and any other important key along with you. Follow this even if you are going out from the hotel on a temporary visit nearby. Many hotels provide safes for rent. Make it absolutely sure that you don’t leave out on any personal items before you permanently bid adieu from the hotel.

Avoid using Personal computers: Personal computers often play a big part during travel. It can help you re-establish old contacts while away or you may have forgotten to pay any of your utility bills which you can easily fulfill from a personal computer having internet connection at any corner of the planet. But, it is always advisable for your safety purpose not to resort to the use of public computers or at least try and avoid using it to the last possible extent because it may store your personal information which again may be used by any other user for malicious purposes.

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However, if still somehow your identity is stolen immediately report it to the Police and your bank. Make copies of your debit and credit cards, passport, latest bank account statements and any other information you feel worthwhile before you leave for travel. Following this, it would be much easier for you to combat the scenario and fix the problem if it appears.

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