How To Make Money As An Upcoming Indie Musician


Music has been in existence from time immemorial, and even the ancient people used to enjoy music. Music has a way to calm us down, to make us feel a little better and to boost our moods. Have you ever woken up mood less yet you have a lot waiting for you, especially house chores? Try putting the music on; you will be surprised by how fast you will get the job done and how excited (weirdly) you will be when working.

There have been tremendous advancements in the music sector, and it is one of the most competitive entertainment industries today. It is quite bumpy for upcoming artists to pull through the industry and become famous. Nevertheless, thanks to the internet, we can find indie music online. What is indie music? It refers to music produced independently and not necessarily signed up into the mainstream world of music.

Although indie music is not signed up in the mainstream music world, there are many ways that indie musicians can make money;

  1. Create Your Own Website

It has become easier to create your website today with all the information stuffed up on the internet. You necessarily do not need a pro to do it for you, again you will have saved some coins. Having a site in place enables you to reach a wider audience who will be able to listen to your music and even recommend it to their friends. Additionally, you could also incorporate adds to your site, the more clicks an add gets the more money you will be able to generate. A win-win situation.

  1. Create A YouTube Ad sense Account

If you create original music with original beats, then you could connect your YouTube account with your already signed in Ad sense account. How then does it work? Well, the moment your music is played on YouTube, you will get paid for it. Easy right?

  1. Look For Music Gigs

As much as it may be hard to find producers who will allow you to perform in their concerts, send your applications to as many as you could. Who knows, you could land for one or two gigs where you will be given a few minutes to perform. The sad truth, however, is that you might not get paid at first, but if they love your music, they are bound to call you again for a paid performance. Furthermore, you will have also grown your customer base significantly.

  1. Sell Some Merchandise

In relation to the previous point, you can as well maximize your opportunities 100% by carrying along some merchandise such as Cd’s, branded t-shirts with you. During the show, or even after the show, you can set up a table where people will be able to access the goodies at a fair price.  At the end of the day, you will have gained more followers, and you will happily walk with your money that was generated after selling your merchandise.

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