How to Fix vcruntime140.dll Was Not Found


Vcruntime140.dll was not found” –  If the error message appears on your computer, it means that vcruntime140.dll was not found, which indicates a possible issue with your operating system or missing software. Follow the steps below to determine which registry entry is causing this error.

1) Click on Start and then type regedit in the search bar.

2) Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Unload to view all of the registry entries causing issues with a program or Windows itself.

  1. Use the Find command to search for vcruntime140.dll, and then delete the entry of the faulty software from the list by right-clicking on it, and then click on Unload to disable it.

If you are having issues where vcruntime140.dll cannot be found, then you may need to update your Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package.

One of the common errors that Windows users might come across is called vcruntime140.dll was not found. This error implies that the required program for your PC is damaged, deleted or missing. Typically, when you encounter this problem, it will be accompanied by a warning message similar to “vcruntime140.dll was not found”.

A vcruntime140.dll runtime error prevents the launching of certain features on your computer and can create other problems as well such as broken system links or missing documents and files etc.

What Causes vcruntime140.dll Was Not Found

Every time you install a program or update an application, Windows is automatically looking for any of the previously installed programs that may be missing. If any of your old programs are missing, Windows will automatically register them with the operating system and present them with a dialog box requesting for them to be reinstalled on your PC when you need them. This has been going on for years now, and as such, vcruntime140.dll was not found errors are very common.

How to Fix vcruntime140.dll Was Not Found

To fix this issue, you will have to uninstall and reinstall Windows registry files. For the uninitiated, registry files hold settings that allow the programs and applications running on your PC to properly execute, detecting hardware issues or missing programs and resolving them for you in an attempt to keep your PC as efficient as possible.

The following procedure can be used to solve the vcruntime140.dll was not found error.

  1. Download SmartPCFixer from the download button above.
  1. Click Quick Scan and then click Fix to scan your computer and remove all registry errors related to dll files etc on your computer.
  1. Click Restart Now when the scan completes to restart your computer.
  1. Once your computer is restarted, run Windows search and type “smartPCFixer.exe” in the search bar and press enter.
  1. Click Install SmartPCFixer when it appears in your list of programs.
  1. Wait until the installation finishes and proceed to step 7 below if needed.
  1. Click “Start” on the program’s shortcut to start a SmartPCFixer scan on your PC
  1. Restart again when it is finished (you are still not finished).
  1. You can now close the SmartPCFixer program and Windows will automatically open a dialog box informing you that your computer is fixed. Click REBOOT NOW to reboot your computer and you are done!

The Bottom Line

VCruntime140.dll is one of the most commonly missing files in any PC system, which can lead to numerous issues such as: Missing applications, slow PC speed, system error messages etc. If VCruntime140.dll was not found, vcruntime140.dll error should be avoided at all costs.

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