How to Effectively Use Social Networking Sites to Generate Sales


So, you have your fabulous newly designed growth driven website up, your services are top class with great feedback, and your sales funnel is in place, but you are still not getting the response you desired? There is a good chance you are not maximising on social media to generate sales. Social networking sites can be used to directly generate sales for an online business. However, social media sales generation must be approached properly.

For online entrepreneurs that are thinking of marketing products through social media, these tips will no-doubt help in achieving success. Social media marketers should avoid becoming a mismatched marketing disaster and apply these tips, tricks, and tactics to reap the rewards that social networking sites can offer smart, innovative, and adaptive marketers:

Never Be Pushy on Social Networking Sites

Audiences on social networking sites hate spam, even the kind of spam that offers real value. If online entrepreneurs market their products aggressively, particularly through the kind of “buy or die” marketing tactics that commonly pervade internet marketing, they will either be ignored or see nothing but rejection and criticism.

Social media marketers should use a soft and less aggressive approach to their social network marketing efforts. They should always treat customers as prospects that deserve long-term care and attention. Sales are made through social networking sites, but they are rarely made through pushy marketing efforts and short-term sales tactics.

Create Your Product Specifically for Your Social Media Audience

Some of the biggest and most successful companies test their products with small groups to gain valuable consumer insights before launching. Online entrepreneurs should test the waters with marketing before their products are completely developed. Social networking sites can be used to gather feedback while their products are in development. By doing this, they will be rewarded with much greater social media sales success upon launch.

Another value of starting out in social networks is in building hype. Cap’n Crunch was an advertisement three months before it was a product. Why? Because the people behind it understood the importance of marketing on a product’s design, direction, and long-term strategy. Online entrepreneurs can basically replicate that type of marketing strategy in a simpler and more inexpensive manner through the use of social networking sites.

Back Your Offerings Up With Real, Constant Social Network Marketing Efforts

More than any other marketing platform, social media requires input in exchange for measurable output. Simply put, if online entrepreneurs want to make sales, they have to exert real effort. They need to get out there in the trenches and interact with their potential customers, even after they have bought whatever is being offered.

Ongoing social networking efforts involve developing real relationships with consumers as well as encouraging two-way conversations with them. With an ongoing effort, online entrepreneurs will see their sales increase tenfold as the market grows more aware, interested, and trusting of them.

Although social networking sites are typically considered as online marketing platforms for generating web traffic, there are ways to properly and effectively use them directly for generating sales. All it takes is the right product and a proper approach to communicating with social media audiences.

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