How Dealer CRM Solution Is Different From Regular CRM Software?


CRM or Customer Relationship management is a software package, which is designed for managing customer data, communicate and use data create marketing strategies. Retain existing and attract new customers at the dealership showroom. Communicate effectively, build great customer relationship, increase conversion rates and enjoy the return of your investment.

The standard CRM software works great with many dealerships. Nonetheless, if you have unique goals and requirements, then get a customized dealership CRM designed from carxrm. The latter fulfills the gap left behind by the basic CRM software.

Customized CRM software will help you fulfill unique needs like scheduling service appointments, managing vehicle inventory and nurture long-term relationship with the clients, which extends beyond the first sale transaction.

How dealer CRM differs from the regular CRM solution

Marketing strategy

The basic CRM software can market regular products or services but marketing vehicles will need a different process. Customers do online research, visit different dealership websites, compare, and then make a decision.

They even consider the complex financing options. It is necessary to nurture customer relationship post sales, so they return to the dealership for services or to buy a new car. This kind of marketing is managed by the dealer CRM solution.

Marketing efforts are focused on before and after the sales process. Communication lines with every customers [past and potential] are kept open thus building long-term relationships. Efforts are made to make customers keep coming back to the dealership.

Sales strategy

You can upsell premium parts or accessories or services with the regular products. After buying the car, customers visit the dealership for routine maintenance or get warranty works done.

Every transaction gives an opportunity to upsell and thus increase profits. As the service department has access to customer sales detail and vehicle history, they can target directly with accessories or parts, which will genuinely interest them.

Inventory management

Standard CRM software cannot keep track of the inventory. As there are multiple options available on every model and make that their prices differ. Moreover, there are other discounts and incentives that can make vehicle price more flexible. Dealer CRM has inventory management option that allows to keep track of the vehicle’s different variables and prices

Service department

The general-purpose CRM solution was not intended for handling busy service department. Dealer CRM keeps the service department organized and streamlined. It makes and keeps track of the appointments, notifies customer about vehicle status, and monitors the repair orders. It keeps customers interested in extra products and services. Thus driving dealership profits to a new height.

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