Here’s Why Smart SEO Auditor Is Ideal For Website Audits!


Website optimization is a critical part of SEO and online marketing. Evaluating, reviewing, and auditing, every single element on a website can be a time-consuming job, and that’s exactly where Smart SEO Auditor fits in. Designed exclusively for SEO experts, webmasters and website owners, this is a revolutionary application that simplifies the whole process of website auditing. We tried both versions of the new Smart SEO Auditor, and here’s what we liked.

Do I really need Smart SEO Auditor?

Smart SEO Auditor is meant for simplifying website reviewing, and in that context, it will be useful for anyone who owns a website or is managing one. It checks everything from internal broken links, server response codes, titles and descriptions, to user friendly URLs, descriptions, and keywords. It also checks links all pages of the website, finds for broken images and other concerns, and everything is presented in a readable format. Sitemap and robots.txt files are also reviewed by the application, and every web page is checked for 30 unique parameters. Smart SEO Auditor is not only handy for reviewing your sites, but you can also analyze competitor sites and find the possible flaws with your portals. Check for more details.

Options, versions and how to use

Smart SEO Auditor does have a free version, and what we absolutely love about this tool is how the freeware edition works. The free version can be used for crawling websites with as many as 100 pages, which makes it ideal for small and medium-scale websites. If you are a SEO master or web expert reading this, you can consider the paid version, which can check all large websites and portals for same criteria and aspects. The paid edition of Smart SEO Auditor comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee, which shows that the developers have clearly managed to deliver what they promised.

Using Smart SEO Auditor is also rather easy. Just download and install the application, following this you can run it on your system and type the website you want to review. Click the ‘Start Crawling’ button, and the app will do its job. You can also choose to get the reports exported to an Excel file.

Final word

We found that Smart SEO Auditor is one of the simplest and most well-designed tools for website audits. Check their website now to download, and for the paid version, you can check their guarantee and payment options.

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