Here’s What No One Tells You About Social Media

With everything happening online these days, there is a lot of stuff going on underneath your nose that you don’t even know about. There are studies being done, information being released, and even platforms are growing larger than you can begin to even imagine. Whether you are aware of it or not, so much happens online. And some social media agency workers want to let the secret out. Here are some things you probably don’t know about social media.

Facebook is a lot bigger than you think it is

The site itself is pretty simple to work through. You create a profile, put in information, make friends, follow and create pages. But did you know that every single second that passes, 5 new profiles were created for the site? This could mean that there are 5 new pages created for you to like and follow, or 5 new people just joined the site and are ready to start adding their friends and family. Next time you think Facebook is outdated, remember this fact.

Blogging can influence purchases easier than ads and commercials

It has been studied for a few years and it turns out, blogging about a product will give that product more publicity. If you blog about how much you love a set of plates that you just bought, the chances are at least 40% of people who read that are going to consider buying those same plates because you spoke so highly about them.

Twitter is working with 6 communication networks

If you think the social media agency has its hands full with Facebook and other social media sites, you should take a closer look at Twitter. The site meant for sending out short, 140 character tweets is starting to grow larger and that makes the site need six different networks of communication.

Most of the videos you consume in the next few years will be online

Streaming services like Hulu and YouTube TV are taking the place of cable. When people are looking into getting a cable-like service for their homes or business, they often go for streaming services due to the larger range of channels and movies. Some say that by 2022, you will see the death of cable in a large amount of the country. The cable services that offer the internet will likely remain due to convenience, but even those won’t last much longer.

With that being said, you don’t have a lot of time to entertain

People might be turning to streaming services to get their source of entertainment, but they still don’t want to pay attention for long periods of time. You have about 8 seconds to draw in an audience before they scroll on to the next video. If you think you have a perfect idea to bring in a million subscribers, you better act quickly to make things interesting and keep the viewership. This isn’t saying that the trick to become popular on video uploading apps like Vine is to be entertaining in 8 seconds, but it certainly does help a lot.

There you have it. A lot of social media information that you most likely didn’t know about. There is so much more going on that we don’t have time to get into now, but just know that the internet is a very large place and there is usually a lot more going on underneath the surface than you even realize.

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