Greater Choices for the Best Spy App


If a guy cheats on you, chances are, he’s pretty stupid. Who in their right mind would deceive someone as smart, beautiful and fabulous as you? An idiot, that’s who. If a guy is willing to dump his relationship for random girls who don’t tell him anything, he probably doesn’t try very hard to cover his shady ways with friends and family. If you want to know for sure if your partner is inserting you, all you have to do is start asking. With the phone spy app options from you can have the best choices now.

If he tells you he spends the night at his mother’s house, give him a call the next day and ask him, “Do you and your son have a wonderful sleep?” If he lied to you about his place, his mother would probably bust him right there. His closest friends will also know that he came out to you, so try to get information from them. They are bound to slip and leave something that puts the focus of your partner’s deception on the spotlight.

Follow him

Throw on some dark clothes, call your closest friend, and go with you, girl. If you want to catch the guy during the act, sitting at home, flipping his fingers will not do the job. You have to hit the streets like a modern day Nancy Drew.

Often, a cheating partner will start a fight, only to have a reason to leave the house only to meet their side chicks. Next time this happens, get in the car and follow after him (at a distance, of course). You will probably be driven straight to the other woman’s house. We do not suggest getting out of the car and confronting you at this time, it is certainly a bit too risky. Instead, bust with your cell phone and take pictures with him as he moves into the other woman’s house. Or better, Snapchat the whole incident and post it online if you feel like super lies.

Stay late

If your partner inserts you, it may be later than usual as you sleep and count the sheep. When you are deep in sleep, your type may be tending to the business: responding to his chick’s emails by her side, texting her, or perusing online dating websites. If you want to catch him in the act, you have to stay until the early morning hours right next to him. If you keep a close eye on him, he will not be able to deceive you and he will definitely become agitated. Maybe he even begs you to lie down so he can have free time to do his dirty work. Just tell him you’re not sleepy, and go get another cup of coffee. It will be a long night.

He’ll probably throw in the towel at some point, and once he closes his eyes to sleep, it’s your courage to do something about it. But don’t fall asleep too much. He will probably try to wake you up before resuming your deception. If all this sounds too much like trouble, it is. But you do want to catch him cheating, right?

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