Expanding Your Entertainment Experience


TV is really the main reason that people entertain themselves today.  Here they can watch their favourite shows and enjoy movie after movie.  There are many options available and all one has to do is pick which option gives them the most bang for their buck.  Options today include cable TV, Satellite TV and Online TV.

Cable TV is what most people are familiar with.  It requires minimal hardware and gives really good picture quality.  Cable supports both analogue and digital channels if you have invested in a digital decoder or receiver.  Today you can make use of digital video recorders and enjoy high definition TV with cable, but this is still considered sub-par when compared to the available satellite systems.

Satellite TV offers great variety in programming because it supports many channels.  The digital signal with satellite TV is pristine and often supports many HD channels.  It is compatible with DVR too but it requires the use of a satellite dish in order to catch a signal, and yes, the view of the sky must be unobstructed.  From time to time one may experience outage or the quality of the picture may be reduced based on the environment and weather.

Online TV is really the new kid on the block.  Configuration is easy and it is very convenient.  All you need is a WiFi connection and your device and you are good to go.  Perhaps the greatest advantage of online TV is that you can watch your TV shows from wherever you may be in the world.  You can’t do that with cable or satellite.  In areas where your favourite websites are geo-blocked, you can use a DNS service provider such as www.bestsmartdns.com to unblock them.

Other than provided excellent quality pictures and high speed streaming, you can expect your shows to have fewer interruptions because advertisements are limited. If you would like the shows to come with absolutely no advertisements, you can pay for that premium service.  Using a smart DNS proxy, you will be able to watch HBO GO, WWE Network, Hulu and Netflix easily from across the world.  You no longer have to get board in your hotel room or even in airports for hours with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs.  Catch up with your favourite shows and watch movies with ease.

It is possible to use a VPN to get past the blocks and watch the show that you like, however, it is important to note that the quality and speed is usually not as good as that provided by DNS.  Additionally, many websites are now able to block VPN access.  Your best bet is to work with service providers like www.bestsmartdns.com to get smart DNS.

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