Everything you need to know about Google Seller Rating Explained!


If you are looking for better web traffic and online audience, Google Seller Ratings can take you forward easily. But it is very difficult to get those ratings as they come based on the customer reviews received by the seller which goes through stringent checking and then only is displayed along with your Google AdWords or other paid ads on various search engines. Google seller reviews can also improve your SEO page ranking and increase the confidence of your customers on your brand. It reduces the CPC rate as you get more prospective customers checking your site based on the reviews. All you need are 30+ reviews on your page within the last 12 months and a combined 3.5* rating for your ratings to appear along with the Google AdWords. Google AdWords will automatically recognize this and post the star rating and reviews based on the extensions you have chosen for your ad.

From where do you get these ratings?

As most of us know, it is very difficult to get your customer to review your site or brand. People are very busy and unless they are truly satisfied or your brand had gone beyond their expectations, they will think of posting a review. So how to get Google ratings remains a tricky question. In fact, there are many ways you can get your customer to review your brand or site. One of them is engaging a Google authorized review website which will be recognized by Google and also will bring in more genuine reviews. Reward schemes, special discounts, and many interesting review contests can also bring in a lot of reviews. Social media networks are also a good source of Google seller reviews which can easily go viral. Quick response to reviews can inspire more customers to come up with their suggestions and reviews. Negative reviews cannot be avoided and a little of negative reviews will make you look more genuine. In fact, responding to negative reviews tactically can ensure more positive reviews. If you are planning to engage a Google authorized review website, while selecting the right agency, make sure you check their track records. You can ask their clientele and do a little research on some of the companies to know how far their tactics have worked out before you decide on the right one. Having good customer relations and helpdesk can be highly effective as far as the reviews are concerned and also keep up your brand recognition in a positive way.

How do you leverage from the AdWords star ratings?

Marketing campaigns and awareness programs on your product can utilize these customer reviews greatly. It is a proven fact that customer reviews or user-generated content influence a good percentage of potential customers. While unresolved negative reviews can have an adverse effect, 90% of the reviews have a positive effect on the potential customers. Flaunt some of the best reviews in your digital marketing campaigns and social media campaigns which can work magically in increasing your brand recognition that converts into sale online and offline too. Reviews shared in the social media can easily go viral whether they are good or bad. You can use them with your paid search engine result pages which will increase your audience, thereby overcoming the hurdles of getting more seller ratings. Surveys reveal that more than 61% of the prospective customers are influenced by the seller ratings they view on the e-commerce site, social media networks and also on the review websites. The fact that every industry is highly influenced by the customer reviews make them all the more desirable. The fresh and crisp reviews also make your website more popular among the peers and even affect your SERP and web page ranking. Engage with your customers more frequently with interactive sessions for more reviews. Encourage them to ask questions so that it can be quickly and efficiently answered. Such interactive sessions increase the customer reviews and also clears many common doubts many customers have about the product. You can use the reviews to better your products and services and also inform your customer regarding the same.

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