Enhancing The Recruitment Process Using An Applicant Tracking System


There is a huge gap between the number of qualified people available and the number of vacancies on offer. Hence whenever there is an opening for a job, a substantial number of qualified people apply for it. This makes it very difficult for the hiring manager to sift and filter through this and separate the deserving ones. This is where recruitment software or an applicant tracking system can be successfully used to do the needful.

What is an applicant tracking system?

This includes a set or category of software which help to aid in the hiring process by automating the whole process and making it simpler. It also gives companies the required edge over its competitors by

  • Broadcasting job openings,
  • Tracking potentially useful candidates and
  • Following up with interviews etc.

Advantages of this application software

There are several advantages to using recruitment software some of which are:

  • Advertising for the job: The use of this software enables companies to advertise for any job openings that they might have, on online job portals. Since most of the potentially promising candidates generally keep a watch for job openings on these websites, they will be able to apply immediately. Thus the company is also able to get the best candidates to apply for its job opening.
  • Makes the recruiters job easy: This software is simple to use and so designed that it can makes the job of the hiring manager quite easy by
    • Simplifying the process of tracking a potential candidate and
    • Subsequently hiring him on his successfully attempting the interview

Thus, this software can also be said to save time and money, the two very important resource of any business.

  • Detailed analytics: The recruitment and hiring process keeps undergoing changes depending on the market requirements. Thus hiring processes are constantly upgraded to enable employers to get good and hardworking candidates for its company. Good recruitment software enables the company to keep up with these changes thereby enabling it to get the best available manpower.
  • Government compliance: There are several government bodies whose job is to keep a track of and ensure that malpractices or discriminations are not taking place in companies looking to hiring candidates. This software enables the company to keep a track of sensitive points like sex, ethnicity and disabilities while at the same time recruiting a good candidate. Hence this software has the capability of ensuring that any audits conducted by these government bodies do not go bad.

Hence, in more ways than one, an applicant tracking system is the ideal solution for all hiring woes of a company.

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