E-forms: Making life easier


E-forms (electronic forms) are making the life easier for the employees, worldwide by automating the daily routine works. Electronic forms offer the user an interface to various data as well as services via browser based interface.

E-forms let the users to feed data or interact with other applications of the enterprise as well as to the back end systems attached to them. Various web applications, e-commerce and government websites have come up with demand of having more dynamic web forms.

The need of a better dynamic interactions and richer technical support have come up which are seldom seen with the plain HTML forms. The latest e-forms includeXML content identification, field-level validation, multiple data callouts, and embedded process logic embedded in a secure portable format.

Frevvo has the widest range of these e-forms to offer which are as follows:

  1. Approval Workflows
  2. Purchase Order- Here the Purchase order with PDF is saved to the Google Drive.
  3. Employee On-boarding – It generates a W-4 from data and signatures in the work flow.
  • Leave Approval – It is a Google Spreadsheet driven leave approval.
  1. Expense Report – An expense report that can be directed for approval.
  2. Signature Forms
  3. Google Apps Permission – This Google Apps permission is with signature, email and upload feature to the Google Drive.
  4. Multiple Languages – Here the General Permission is signed and saved to Google Drive in languages English or Spanish
  • Sports Consent – A Permission form for participation in sports activities.
  1. Database Forms
  2. Sales Orders – Here the Dynamic sales order line items from a database.
  3. Dynamic Customer Info – It dynamically gets the information of customer from a database.
  4. Geo-Location – Applies the GPS on your device to display a map or address.
  5. PDF Generation –It generates a PDF that utilizes a form data or signature.
  6. Calculations–To Calculate subtotals for line items as well as a major total.
  7. Multi Language
  8. Emergency Contact–One can do Signature and PDF generation in different languages- English, Spanish or Chinese.
  9. General Permission–The General Permission can be signed and saved to the Google Drive in English or Spanish

One can always try these sample mobile web forms and approval workflows that are flexible enough to work on all devices like mobile, PCs and laptops. Plus it can perform several tasks like to calculate totals, generate PDFs, to work with databases, enables electronic signatures and more. The Frevvo forms are pretty responsive and will automatically turn into a format that will be suitable for your device.

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