Charles Phillips On How Clients Should Be Treated


Charles Phillips is not a stranger to all the aspiring businessmen from around the world. Ever since he was the CEO of Oracle, he made bold moves that led the companies he worked for to the next level. The same thing happens with Infor. In fact, Charles Phillips’ business affairs at Infor are nowadays highly respected.

There are so many reasons why Phillips is so successful at the moment. The focus that was put on meeting the exact needs of the client is one of the reasons that always have to be highlighted. It is not at all difficult to realize that a huge part of the success of Infor is based on how happy current customers at.

Let’s take a look at how clients need to be treated, according to what Charles Phillips did in the past. That will help you to improve the services that you offer at the moment and you will make your customers become loyal, which is so rare these days.

Talking With Clients Is Vital

Customer support does not mean talking with the clients only when they have a problem. This is something that Charles Phillips quickly understood. Since we are living in a world where technology evolves at an incredible pace, it is important that the business remains ahead of the curve. The best way to do this is to receive input directly from the customers.

One of the best things that you can do is set up some sort of communication channels with the clients the represented business has at the moment. You basically want to ask questions and receive answers. Everything is connected with the services that you offer right now. See if the clients are happy and ask what else they would like. When you manage to keep improving the quality of what you offer, the clients are not going to jump ship.

Quickly Solving Problems When They Appear

It is basically impossible not to have some clients that have problems. Dealing with those problems as fast as possible has a ripple effect that is seen in all aspects of business. The clients will talk about you fondly and will tell others how effective the business is at solving the problems that appeared. Only launch a product after it is tested and after a good customer support system is set up. This means that the clients need to find it really easy to contact a specialist and have any problem solved in the shortest timeframe possible.

Offering Growth Advice

Phillips knows that when the clients grow, the service provider also grows. Because of this, when new technology becomes available, it is important to discuss with the current client and let them know that something really useful is now present on the market.

Helping the current customers grow means that you are going to receive more money in the future. They will use more of your services and will upgrade to the higher packages. Do not believe that helping other companies grow will create a positive environment for your growth, especially when referring to customers.

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