As Technological Advances Increase, So Do Technological Threats


Astonishing Breakthroughs

It’s not always easy to take a step back and just consider the multitude of technological advances that have become part and parcel to our daily lives. From smartphone technology to smart cars, and the internet of things, net connectivity is more pervasive and necessary today than it has ever been.

This is especially true for business who wish to remain abreast of burgeoning trends, and so competitively viable. Other groups are quickly catching onto the advantages which tech like the internet of things and cloud computing bring to the table. Business continuity, for one, is something that can be continuously ensured today.

Backup and recovery, remote software development—the list goes on. Today’s technological capabilities have actually transcended many “advanced” science fiction tropes of yesteryear. Consider the communicators from Star Trek, for instance. Old hat, in lieu of today’s smartphone tech.

But there is a sunset to every sunrise, a dark side to every technological advance. As it turns out, hackers likewise have unparalleled access to the personal information of individuals, businesses, and governments.


From WikiLeaks, which helps keep governments honest, to malware and spyware which cost businesses billions of dollars on a yearly basis, there’s a whole new minefield of viral technology just waiting to infect your business. Protecting against such intrusions has become an integral aspect of operations often lumped in with overhead costs—as it should be.

The thing is, finding the right viral protection also requires a little footwork on your part. There are a few things you should be looking for. Firstly, you need to be sure that whichever solution you choose has a stake in remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to protection solutions.

Finding The Right Protection

Hackers are usually disenfranchised tech industry employees who can and do write new codes that improve on previous algorithms, and learn to transgress the limitations of old protection software. As a result, you can’t level some static protective solution at the problem and expect things to remain safe. It’s not like building a massive castle wall.

You’re also looking for protection that is able to defend against multiple kinds of attacks. Yes, you’re going to have malware of an advanced variety; but you’re also going to have spyware and attacks that are script-based, and designed to evade conventional protections directly.

If you can find a solution that is able to protect against multiple kinds of attacks, and is in a stage of continuous development, you’ll be able to consolidate costs into one area and—while not retaining any single solution—at the very least be able to keep from looking for a new company every time security protocols require some kind of upgrade.


According to SentinelOne, with next generation endpoint security software, you can “Leverage powerful behavior-based threat detection to protect data from the types of advanced malware, exploits and script-based attacks that evade AV and sandboxing solutions.”

The best kind of protection is of a proactive variety. It’s constantly on the lookout for possible intrusions, and in steady development to ensure when such intrusions come, they are swiftly dealt with.


From political applications to corporate ones, there is always room for destruction on a technological basis when proper protections aren’t made available.

It’s like building a castle with no wall, no moat, no portcullis, and no door. You’re virtually inviting an attack. So don’t do those things! Be proactive. Be wise. Get the most modern technological protection, and choose a provider who is always maintaining a foothold on the cutting edge.

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