5 Crucial Considerations for Buying Smart Home Outlets


A smart home outlet is a power socket that allows you to turn ordinary machines into smart ones. Using this outlet, you can switch lights on and off at your home using any of the smart home controllers or even your mobile phone. But it is important to understand that not each and every smart home outlet has all the features that you require. The smart home outlets at Primecables.com are known for their really smart features. Here are five crucial considerations for buying smart home outlets:

  • Wi-Fi Network Support:

The first and foremost thing you should check is whether your smart home outlet has Wi-Fi as the connecting technology or it uses Bluetooth. In case it uses Bluetooth, know that you won’t be able to control the appliances when you are out of your house. With Wi-Fi support, you can connect your socket to the internet and control your device even when you are not at home.

  • Timer System:

If you want to use the power socket for starting up your appliances a few minutes before you get home like starting the air conditioner or thermostat of your house, you can do so if your power socket has timing tasks. The most common power sockets support a maximum of 10 timing tasks at once. Always check whether your power socket has timing options.

  • The Outlet Should Support Major All-in-One Automated Controller Systems:

Various houses prefer a single control system for all their smart applications. The most common all-in-one automated controller systems are Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home. These sockets should easily connect to both Alexa and Google so that the user can use just one application to control his home appliances as well.

  • Energy and Power Consumption Report:

All of us purchase appliances with star ratings, which helps us to find out whether this application is efficient in terms of power or not. If your power socket reads the power consumption and sends it to your mobile application, then you can monitor this energy and power consumption properly.

  • The Shell Should Withstand Shock and Be Fireproof:

No matter how safe your homes are, there could be any kind of power shortage or voltage fluctuation, which could cause your appliances to stop working. The socket’s shell should be able to withstand this shock and be completely fireproof so that your appliances are safe from any kind of harm.

Keep these considerations in mind when you purchase smart home outlets and make your home smart and intelligent.

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