5 Applications To Help Track Your Mortgage


Buying a house these days is not as complicated as before. As long as you are ready and you can comply with all the requirements, you can purchase your first home. However, if you are still planning to take one out, you need to ensure that your preparation is not only until the deal is closed. You also need to be ready for the future, especially in terms of repayment and maintenance.

Many mortgage lenders offer different types of loans such as the Texas cash out loan, conventional loans, and there are also government loans. The choice is yours, depending on what you see best fits your lifestyle.

Once you have taken it out, you need to be diligent in making your payments and in tracking the status of your loan to ensure that everything is going well. Don’t worry tacking your mortgage loan these days is no longer complicated, you can make use of different reliable applications to make things easier for you in tracking your loan.

Mortgage Mentor

Mortgage Mentor is one of the most straightforward yet complete apps you can use. It has everything you need to track your loan. It also offers a friendly user-interface so you can make adjustments on certain variables on your investment for better tracking. It is the most popular app used when it comes to calculating out-year payment for variable-rate loans.

Mortgage Payoff Track

If you are a technical person, then this Mortgage Payoff Track is the perfect fit for you. It makes use of graphs and charts, so you see a clear view of the status of your loan, including all pertinent details like the principal balance and how it lowers down with every payment you make. It is one of the best apps you can use if you want to keep checking how close you are to paying off your mortgage loan. It is also a great way to check how much you can save for every extra payment you make or if you want to increase your monthly amortization.

Mortgages Pro

Mortgages Pro is the most popular mortgage tracking app for Apple users. It is a very detailed app where you can input the total cost of the house, the down payment, the interest rate, the term of the loan, the insurance fees, the property tax rate and all other pertinent fees so you can see where your money is going for every single payment you make.

Loan Calculator Pro

The Loan Calculator Pro also works similarly with those other apps, but it has an added time feature. You can set up a monthly reminder, so you do not miss out on your payments. It also allows you to specify a target payoff date and make payment adjustments accordingly so you can hit your target.

Bill Payment Log

The Bill Payment Log is an excellent tool you can use if you want to track multiple loans at the same time. It is an app that is used by most to track not just their loan payments but to make budgeting more comfortable and more straightforward for them.

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