3 Things You Should Know About Field Service Scheduling Software


Automated scheduling and dispatch are key elements of field service management. Smart scheduling features let dispatchers make changes to scheduled jobs on the fly and automatically sort technicians by availability, expertise, and type of job. In-vehicle telematics helps track mobile employees and monitor compliance. Your scheduling and dispatch processes directly affect the customer experience, so they should be optimized to improve both. Read on to learn about the different benefits of Außendienst-Planungssoftware.

Automated scheduling

The importance of automation in field service scheduling software cannot be understated. If your company has thirty technicians, they can perform 750 jobs per week, but if they’re spread across the country, they may need more than that. By using an automated system, the operations manager can optimize the schedule for each day and maximize revenue. And because the scheduling software works with multiple jobs at once, it can adjust the schedule if unexpected capacity changes occur.

Another advantage of automated scheduling in field service scheduling software is that it allows complex frequencies. Using a calendar that works over a rolling 12-month period, it’s easy to plan future dates. You can even integrate the calendar with service agreements and add time-off requests. Außendienst-Management-App should include a time-off calendar so that you can plan work around employee availability. By automating scheduling, your business will ensure that you don’t miss critical dates and maintain SLAs.

Work order management

The heart of any field service company is their work orders. They track which tasks are completed and by whom, and they help technicians and managers document each task more efficiently. With the help of these tools, field service companies can make their customers happier while improving their workflow. When customers are happy, they tend to spread the word about good customer service through social media, word-of-mouth, and reviews. Happy customers help shape brand identity and establish the company as an industry leader.

The best work order management software is integrated with your ERP system. With it, you can generate invoices and estimates quickly. Your technicians can complete work orders more efficiently, resulting in greater revenue and profit for your business. Work order management software helps your technicians stay on top of their jobs while streamlining support processes. The software even integrates with your help desk, so that they can access the information they need, wherever they are.

In-vehicle telematics

Implementing In-vehicle telematic technologies in your fleet vehicles can have several benefits, both for you and your customers. The technology is capable of detecting a number of anomalies, such as cornering, hash braking, and other data points, and sending alerts to your fleet management software or fleet drivers. It also helps you optimize route optimization and compare planned and actual mileage.

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